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Visualizer for iTunes 2.1

Visually browse your iTunes Music Library and find music you forgot you had.

Software Information of Visualizer for iTunes 2.1



Size: 22.79MB

License: Shareware

OS: Windows Vista,Windows XP

Downloads: 1327

Screenshot (View large)

Publisher's Description of Visualizer for iTunes 2.1

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Visualizer 2.1 for iTunes - visually browse your iTunes Music Library and find music you forgot you had. Visualizations include: Live graph - artist/album/track, By Playlist, By Artist Name, summary of iTunes Music Library, By Podcasts, By Videos, By Song File Kind, By File Size, By Playing Time, By Year Released, By Year Released, By Genre, and By Dead Links. Other features include: saving in PDF format, saving in PNG format and printing any visualization. Live graph visual can be moved, searched and interacted with. Visuals such as 3D bar, pie and time series charts can zoomed, selected, and used to find and play playlists or specific tracks in your iTunes Music Library.

A very exciting powerful new way to view, explore and play your iTunes music. Major visualization advances with new live graph. Live graph presents your iTunes Music Library in a graph tree organized by artist - album - tracks. The live graph can moved, searched and interacted with to play tracks.

Visualizations such as Live graph - artist/album/track, By Playlist, By Artist Name, By Podcasts, and By Song File Kind allow you to click the visual bar or chart to play the associated track in iTunes. e.g. If you are using the visualization By Artist Name and want to play tracks by “The Beatles”, you double-click “The Beatles” to play a track. You have the option to automatically play the first “The Beatles” track or select a track from a list of “The Beatles” tracks.

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