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  • Kinovea 0.8.15

    Kinovea is a video analysis tool which is dedicated to sport.

    Updated:May 16,2011    Downloads:2933    Size:16.4MB

  • PB Media Player 1.0.152

    video searcher, downloader and player. supports .flv and .swf file forma

    Updated:Jul 11,2011    Downloads:1787    Size:1.9MB

  • Video Size Calculator 1.0.1

    a simple, small tool designed to help you calculate video size.

    Updated:May 29,2012    Downloads:2391    Size:11.3KB

  • DVDIdle

    Extend the lifetime of DVD drive by up to 800 percent!

    Updated:Mar 16,2011    Downloads:2503    Size:847KB

  • Bitrate Calculator 1.0

    help you calculate video bitrate with just a few clicks.

    Updated:May 29,2012    Downloads:2325    Size:40KB

  • DivX DRF Analyzer 0.9.3

    open DivX 3.11, DivX 4, DivX 5 and XVID avi files and analyses its quality

    Updated:Jun 06,2011    Downloads:1507    Size:111KB

  • Video Bitrate Calculator

    BitrateCalc.exe determines the constant bitrate for encoding movies

    Updated:Jun 20,2011    Downloads:1811    Size:929KB

  • 8mm2avi 1.4

    8mm2avi allows acquiring the strips, converting them into frames and making AVI!

    Updated:Mar 16,2011    Downloads:1438    Size:3.13MB

  • Elecard Stream Analyzer 1.0.9

    yntax analysis of encoded media streams

    Updated:Jun 01,2011    Downloads:2246    Size:1.62MB

  • Mercalli 1.0.16

    Ultimate solution for the stabilization of video clips during postprocessing

    Updated:May 26,2011    Downloads:1590    Size:11.17MB

  • Portable MKV Chapterizer 2.0

    a simple yet effective little application that will do it for you with ease

    Updated:Jun 19,2011    Downloads:1930    Size:3.6MB

  • VideoCalc 1.1

    calculates the video bitrate to use when encoding a movie to DVD/SVCD/DivX

    Updated:May 16,2011    Downloads:1107    Size:329KB

  • ProxyRenderer 1.0

    A video transcoding application

    Updated:May 27,2011    Downloads:1466    Size:5.1MB

  • AVI Resizer Calculator

    calculates the resizing parameters in 1:1 AVI to DVD/SVCD/VCD conversions.

    Updated:Jun 15,2011    Downloads:1256    Size:138KB

  • Packed Bitstream Remover 1.1

    A GUI for Moitah’s command line version of MPEG4 Modifier.

    Updated:May 27,2011    Downloads:1141    Size:336KB

  • Micro Aspect Calculator 1

    calculate the aspect ratio of an image or video

    Updated:May 31,2011    Downloads:982    Size:210KB

  • Ultimate Movie Collector 1.0

    Tiny tool to help your organize your movies.

    Updated:May 16,2011    Downloads:1501    Size:534KB

  • AVCHDCalculator 1.1

    Calculate the bitrate if you want to encode

    Updated:May 31,2011    Downloads:1122    Size:1.55MB

  • DivX Bitrate Calculator 1.0

    provides a cheap and cheerful way of calculating bitrates for your DivX movies.

    Updated:Jun 06,2011    Downloads:1153    Size:4KB

  • CLC Size Calculator 1.0

    calculate the valid video size corresponding to the encoding type.

    Updated:Jun 07,2011    Downloads:974    Size:32KB

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