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  • YV12 QuickTime Codec 1.0 b3

    involved in developing image processing or compression/decompression

    Updated:Apr 25,2011    Downloads:3692    Size:255KB

  • CamStudio Lossless Codec 1.4

    a very fast codec optimized for screen capture applications.

    Updated:Mar 30,2012    Downloads:1518    Size:34KB

  • LEAD MPEG-4 Video Codec 2.0

    MPEG-4 is a high quality video compression algorithm

    Updated:Jun 10,2011    Downloads:3556    Size:126MB

  • LEAD MCMP/MJPEG Video Codec 2.0

    Motion JPEG, or MJPEG, is a video adaptation of the JPEG standard for photos.

    Updated:Mar 17,2011    Downloads:3544    Size:2.69MB

  • Morgan Stream Switcher 0.99

    It allows you to switch between several audio streams embeded in an AVI files.

    Updated:Mar 17,2011    Downloads:6385    Size:104KB

  • DivX Pro (incl. DivX Player)

    Create and play DivX movies, compress videos without sacrificing quality

    Updated:Sep 21,2011    Downloads:2412    Size:22.7MB

  • Shell Extension 2.8

    Let you view properties of Matroska file within Windows Explorer.

    Updated:Mar 17,2011    Downloads:3510    Size:752KB

  • DScaler MPEG Filters 0.0.8

    Free MPEG2 video decoder codec.

    Updated:Mar 17,2011    Downloads:3808    Size:654KB

  • LAV CUVID Decoder 0.13

    The LAV CUVID Decoder is a video decoder for NVIDIA graphics cards

    Updated:Sep 13,2011    Downloads:1200    Size:76KB

  • QuickTime Alternative 2.6.0

    allows your system to play QuickTime movie files (.mov) without quicktime.

    Updated:Mar 17,2011    Downloads:3786    Size:12.83MB

  • Etymonix MPEG-2 video codec 1.10

    A software video compressor/decompressor.

    Updated:Mar 17,2011    Downloads:3764    Size:812KB

  • MKVToolnix for Windows 6.1.0

    MKVToolnix is a set of tools to create, alter and inspect Matroska files.

    Updated:Mar 03,2013    Downloads:2379    Size:9.43MB

  • FFmpeg 0.10

    A handy tool for converting, streaming and recording video and sound

    Updated:Jan 30,2012    Downloads:2388    Size:6.36MB

  • QuickTime Alternative 1.90

    allows your system to play QuickTime movie files (.mov) without quicktime.

    Updated:Mar 17,2011    Downloads:2460    Size:11.37MB

  • YMPEG 3.5 Beta


    Updated:Sep 20,2011    Downloads:3802    Size:745KB

  • Real Alternative Lite 2.0.2

    Play RealMedia files without having to install RealPlayer

    Updated:Jul 25,2011    Downloads:1713    Size:5.2MB

  • AC3 ACM Decompressor 1.5

    AC3 ACM Decompressor is a AC3 ACM decoder.

    Updated:Jun 24,2011    Downloads:1842    Size:158KB

  • Virtual VCR 2.6.9

    Obviously discontinued project

    Updated:Mar 17,2011    Downloads:3527    Size:420KB

  • Ligos Indeo Codecs 5.11

    This package covers Indeo Video 3, 4, and 5, as well as Indeo Raw (fourcc YVU9).

    Updated:May 29,2011    Downloads:1692    Size:2.0MB

  • Nic's XviD Codec 1.1.0 b2 Build 6.04

    Nic XviD Codec 1.1.0 b2 Build 6.04.2005

    Updated:Mar 17,2011    Downloads:1947    Size:555KB


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