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  • MediaCoder r11

    MediaCoder is a free universal audio/video batch transcoder.

    Updated:Apr 04,2012    Downloads:20492    Size:42MB

  • x64 Components Addon 3.4.3

    Playback is fully supported in x64 Media Center on all versions of Windows

    Updated:Feb 02,2012    Downloads:1196    Size:15.56MB

  • DivX Media Codec 4.5.1

    XviD Media Codec includes the open-source MPEG4 codec

    Updated:Mar 17,2011    Downloads:7761    Size:540 KB

  • XviD Video Codec 1.3.2

    A video codec for PC, whereas codec is an abbreviation for [co]der/[dec]oder.

    Updated:May 31,2011    Downloads:4312    Size:10.6MB

  • XviD Codecs 1.2.127

    XviD 1.2.127 codec.

    Updated:Mar 16,2011    Downloads:9657    Size:625KB

  • Win7codecs 3.4.3 Final

    This is a full codec package for Windows 7 operating system

    Updated:Feb 02,2012    Downloads:6144    Size:26.59MB

  • Download Avid AVI CoDec 2.0d2

    uncompressed as well as various levels of compressed.

    Updated:Jun 16,2011    Downloads:5322    Size:162KB

  • DivX Codec 6.6

    take advantage of the new instructions in the new Intel Penryn line of processor

    Updated:Mar 17,2011    Downloads:9149    Size:856KB

  • DivX Player with DivX Pro Codec (98/Me) 5.2.1

    Create high-quality video with 30 percent better compression than DivX codec

    Updated:Mar 17,2011    Downloads:5777    Size:7.24MB

  • DivX Pro for Windows 6.6

    includes DivX Codec,DivX Player,DivX Web Player,Stage6 Content uploader utility.

    Updated:Mar 17,2011    Downloads:10693    Size:20.73MB

  • K-Lite Codec Pack Standard 9.8.0

    K-Lite Codec Pack(klcodec) is a collection of codecs and related tools.

    Updated:Mar 11,2013    Downloads:23274    Size:13.79MB

  • DivX Player (with DivX Codec) for 98/Me 5.2.1

    Create and watch high-quality, highly compressed DivX?video

    Updated:Mar 21,2011    Downloads:6208    Size:7.24MB

  • Windows 7 Codecs 3.8.6

    Provided concerning native codec support in Windows Media.

    Updated:Nov 05,2012    Downloads:3253    Size:26.40MB

  • QuickTime Alternative 2.8.0

    QuickTime Alternative allows you to play QuickTime (.mov) files.

    Updated:Mar 17,2011    Downloads:4111    Size:10.80MB

  • QuickTime Alternative 2.1.1

    allows your system to play QuickTime movie files (.mov) without quicktime.

    Updated:Mar 17,2011    Downloads:4984    Size:11.72MB

  • Sheervideo

    save both time and space in professional video and film production and archival

    Updated:Mar 17,2011    Downloads:1926    Size:1.24MB

  • MainConcept DV Codec 2.4.16

    DV editing process does not result in any video quality loss.

    Updated:Mar 17,2011    Downloads:6016    Size:4.68MB

  • MSU Lossless Video Codec 0.6.0

    Free high-quality lossless video codec. Best lossless compression ratio.

    Updated:Jun 10,2011    Downloads:6571    Size:0.15MB

  • D-Vision 3.22

    D-Vision is a GUI for mencoder/mplayer !

    Updated:Mar 17,2011    Downloads:6717    Size:28.01MB

  • x264 Video Codec 2184

    x264 is a free library for encoding H264/AVC video streams.

    Updated:Mar 13,2012    Downloads:3918    Size:9.4MB


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