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uTorrent 1.6

uTorrent is a lightweight and efficient BitTorrent client for Windows

Software Information of uTorrent 1.6



Size: 107KB

License: Freeware

OS: Windows XP,Windows 2000,Windows 98,Windows Me,Windows NT

Downloads: 406864

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Publisher's Description of uTorrent 1.6

- Feature: Make shift + delete key remove torrent + data
- Feature: Add a way to set the upload/download cap through system tray
- Feature: Add an option to reset bans
- Feature: Add a way to make µt startup in bosskey mode
- Feature: Add a move to top/down button or key
- Feature: Add remaining HD space in the BC-style dialog
- Feature: Better graph controls
- Feature: Disk statistics
- Feature: Proxy for peer connections
- Feature: Show a warning if no disk space when moving a complete torrent
- Feature: Added a way to delete the internal peerlist
- Feature: Remember waste/hashfails across sessions
- Feature: Allow torrents in list to be renamed
- Feature: Shutdown/hibernate when downloads complete
- Feature: Delete torrents to trash
- Feature: Show speed limits in status bar
- Feature: Set default action for delete button (right click on it and hold shift)
- Feature: RSS update interval
- Feature: Show a warning in the add dialog if the torrent doesn't fit on the drive
- Feature: New disk cache settings
- Feature: Draggable download bars separate from the main window
- Feature: Open containing folder selects the item
- Feature: Open the folder if you click on the tray popup when a download is finished
- Feature: Show speed in title bar
- Feature: Enable scheduler from tray
- Feature: Change label from the torrent properties dialog
- Feature: Torrent create dialog remembers the previous settings
- Feature: Ability to filter files in torrent creator
- Feature: Setup outgoing port to bind to
- Feature: Pause in tetris
- Feature: Added graphical progress bar in main list
- Change: Don't switch between green/yellow icon too often
- Change: Don't delete torrents from list if the torrentfile wasn't found
- Change: Tweaked piece selection algorithm a little
- Change: Trim spaces from tracker url in create torrent dialog
- Change: Separate the tracker from the webui + webui settings

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