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ShowMyPC Collaboration 3055

ShowMyPC Remote Support Desktop sharing, Remote PC Access, Multiple Languages.

Software Information of ShowMyPC Collaboration 3055



Size: 1.50MB

License: Freeware

OS: Windows XP,Windows 2000,Windows 98

Downloads: 68700

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Publisher's Description of ShowMyPC Collaboration 3055

ShowMyPC combines VNC remote access technology with an open-source SSH forwarding client to provide you with the option to allow other users to view and control your desktop. The remote user needs to have the same ShowMyPC software and can access your computer with just a password (no IP address needed).

The temporary session password is automatically generated when you start the viewing session and must be provided to the remote user by email, phone or other means. If you have access to your own SSH server, you can use it instead of the one provided.
Tech Talk
- No registration, no login, just download and start. Ideal for IT support/meetings.
- ShowMyPC is a private license, shell program.
- Are you a reseller?. See our Reseller Program for hosting services.
- One shared desktop PC can have multiple remote viewers.
- Works with your own SSH Server (SSH Version 2). Tested With OpenSSH and WinSSHD.
- McAfee says its verified, but VNC and all its derivatives still show up, in Warnings, humm.. just to make sure you know you are sharing your desktop.
- The program does not install anything, simply close it, and so no uninstall required.
- ShowMyPC can access remote PCs across firewalls (we use ssh over port 443), only free. See User Interface
- Works through 99% of the firewalls, for now no proxy support.
- Based on plink SSH client and RealVNC. ShowMyPC software runs VNC in user mode, so if your desktop sharing PC is locked (Cntl-Alt-Del) or is within a remote desktop session you cannot view it remotely. (Limitations of VNC in user mode).
- No Passwords are kept on any central SSH server.
- If you use your own SSH server, you will need 3 separate machines to test it correctly, a SSH Server, a desktop sharer, and a remote viewer.
- Yes we are always working on to improve, your feedback is important.

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