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Mobile Messenger 1.1.5

Send and recive textmessages on your PC. control your PC from a mobile phone

Software Information of Mobile Messenger 1.1.5



Size: 3.98MB

License: Shareware

OS: Windows 2003,Windows XP,Windows 2000,Windows 98,Windows Me,Windows NT

Downloads: 57404

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Publisher's Description of Mobile Messenger 1.1.5

TWO-WAY messaging! Send and RECEIVE messages on your PC. Mobile Messenger has the same autosending and command line start features as

Text2GSM but can also start 'actions' on incoming messages. control your PC (or your network) from a mobile phone! Actions can be predefined

like 'Restart the computer' or can be any RUN command. This allows the activation and termination of individual programs or services running

on a PC or a server.

Mobile Messenger requires a connection between the PC and Mobile Terminal (GSM phone or GSM modem) through a serial Cable, IR or bluetooth
Send AND receive SMS (textmessages) on your PC.
Send to a single recipient or a group of recipients
Phone book to keep track of often used numbers.
Quick message, save standard message for quick access.
Double message (320 character).
Log of message transmissions.

Autosending. Let the program check for existens of files in a folder. When the folder contain files, those will be sent out. The recipients

can be specified in the file or the files can be sent to default name (or group) in the phonebook.

Starting with arguments. It's easy to send message from other applications by starting Mobile Messenger with arguments. Arguments are:

operator, recipient (up to 40 or a existing phonebookgroup) and message.

Control your PC from a mobile phone! When Mobile Messenger receives a message it can start an action. The action can be some of the

predefined, like 'Restart the computer' or it can be ANY run command. That way you have full control of your PC from a mobile.

This can of course be used to ease the work for a network manager. He can be alerted to the phone (by Mobile Messenges autosending feature)

when a problem occure and he can even fix the problem from the mobile by sending a command to MM like 'Restart a router', close down a service etc.

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