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Messenger Plus! Live 5.02.712

It description an add-on for Windows Live Messenger which adds lots of features.

Software Information of Messenger Plus! Live 5.02.712



Size: 7.21MB

License: Freeware

OS: Windows 7,Windows Vista,Windows 2003,Windows XP

Downloads: 46824

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Publisher's Description of Messenger Plus! Live 5.02.712

Messenger Plus! Live is the one essential add-on for Windows Live Messenger, period. After 150 million installations since 2001, when it started as a simple add-on for MSN Messenger 3, Messenger Plus! is guaranteed to improve your Messenger experience by leaps and bounds. You won't just get a couple of new options, what you'll get is a whole new dimension for the Windows Live Messenger software.

Thought out end-to-end to improve and enhance your instant messaging without getting in your way, Plus! adds lots of capabilities to Windows Live Messenger. It lets you use them at your will from the simple Plus! menu that gets added to every Messenger window and a couple of new buttons you'll find within the Messenger interface:

Custom Sounds
The Custom Emotion Sound feature brings sound integration in Messenger to the next level by allowing users to send their own sounds during a conversation. Sounds are played instantly on both ends and are transferred automatically and transparently when needed.

Messenger Plus! Live 4.90.392

Compatibility with Messenger 2011 Beta 1 has been removed and replaced by compatibility with the Final version (still un-supported and requires disabling safe mode).
Skinning is now supported in Messenger 2011 with the exception of custom window shapes.
Skinning: UIB files can all be properly decoded and re-encoded (windows definitions and styles can be skinned).
Skinning: resources from new locations are now extracted from Messenger.
Skinning: comments enclosed in "/* */" are now supported in style files.
Once the installation is completed succesfully, a web based 'Thank you' page will be launched.
Once the uninstallation is completed succesfully, a call is made to Messenger Plus! servers for statistical purpose.

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Messenger Plus! Live – The Must-have Addon for Windows Live Messenger


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