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Equalizer 1.77

Equalizer is a freeware scientific calculator.

Software Information of Equalizer 1.77



Size: 127KB

License: Freeware

OS: Windows 2003,Windows XP,Windows 2000,Windows 98,Windows Me,Windows NT

Downloads: 59306

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Publisher's Description of Equalizer 1.77

Equalizer is a freeware scientific calculator. Instead of the traditional look of many buttons, Equalizer has a simple text line on which you can write the expression in the same way you'd write it on paper (for example: typing "(6*5-12) / 2" will show the answer "9"). Equalizer can also draw graphs of equations. In addition, Equalizer is fully skinable - you can completely change its appearance, and even create your own skins

This document explains exactly how Equalizer "understands" your expression. It can help you if you have any problems with it:

First of all, Equalizer removes all spaces from your expression. "123+23/4" is the same as "1 2 3 + 23/ 4".
Second, It replaces all curled brackets { } with normal bracket ( ). "(1+{3-{23+4))}" is the same as "(1+(3-(23+4)))". Note: square brackets [ ] are for absolute value.
It replaces all "--" with a "+".
Equalizer is smart enough to understand different functions of plus and minus. It distinguishes, for example, "3^-2" (3-2) from "3^2-2" (32-2). Same with all functions and operators.
It understands unknown expressions as zero (I'm still working on that, don't worry). "Hello" will show the solution "0", "3/0" will also show zero.
All trigonometry functions use radians. You can use the "deg" function to use angles of normal people.
For absolute value use [ square brackets ]. Although you'd normally write it with pipes ( |abs value| ), it would be almost impossible for me to understand; so I decided to use [ ].
It may not function very well with extremely large or small numbers.
It does understand short multiplying (ie: "3cos45"), but nothing with brackets (ie: "3(4+1)")

New On Version 1.77
Added: Use Alt+R to Replace the expression with the result.
Added: Use Alt+W to Wrap the text with parentheses.
Changed: Redesigned the options window.
Grapher imrovments:
Added to the main menu.
All tools now working well.
Added a menu, so the graph can be copied.
Small improvments.

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