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Effects 3.0

Image editor for web-publications, edit photos, advertisement production

Software Information of Effects 3.0



Size: 8.08MB

License: Shareware

OS: Windows XP,Windows 2000,Windows 98

Downloads: 54923

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Publisher's Description of Effects 3.0

Welcome to Effects!!!, the image-editing software.
By its powerful tools the program provides you with an ability to create Web-publications, edit photos, advertisement production, etc.
The program is targeted at digital photo camera (also mobile telephone camera) users, computer graphics designers, Web-designers, etc.
The main features:
-High-quality home photo-printing (especially for low-resolution photos),
-Red-eye correction,
-Simple selection tools and easy collage creation,
-Image-editing in anti-aliased zoom mode,
-Vector object generation (stars, cobwebs, fractals, etc),
-Effects and Liquify Brush (blurring, sharpening, color correction, deformation),
-More than 100 graphical filters and effects,
-New opportunities for the standard tools and filters,
-New unique filters that do not have analogues (for example, Texture Mosaic, Burn Image, Smelt Image, Cave Drawing, Old Photo, and many other),
-Texture rendering (for example, Rusty Metal, Water, Plasma, Wood, Clouds, Fractals, etc),
-Text insertion from RTF files,
-Custom matrix filter with kernel of any size,
-Vector graphics (Bezier curves, text-into-vector conversion),
-Representation of filters and effects as image layers,
-Built-in 2450 vector figures, 55 palettes, 15 raster textures,
-Various brush options (including 18 presets),
-35 color blending modes and 12 alpha blending modes,
-Frame tool selection,
-Scaling to zoom at single button click,
-5 interpolation methods,
-Use drawing tools for selection,
-Quick program start, drag-n-drop file loading,
-Easy to use,
-More than 7500 cliparts on DVD.

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