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Resolume Arena 4.1.2

Resolume Avenue can play multiple layers of full HD without skipping a beat and it can handle multiple live inputs to make it a virtual video mixing desk.

Software Information of Resolume Arena 4.1.2



Size: 371.02 MB

License: Shareware

OS: Windows XP,Windows 2000,Windows 98,Windows Me,Windows NT

Downloads: 988

Screenshot (View large)

Publisher's Description of Resolume Arena 4.1.2

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Resolume Avenue can play multiple layers of full HD without skipping a beat and it can handle multiple live inputs to make it a virtual video mixing desk. Resolume plays Quicktime and AVI video files, PNG and JPEG images, WAV and AIFF audio files. You can combine any video file with any audio file.

Resolume plays all your interactive Quartz Composition and Flash animations including AS2 and AS3 scripting. Use it to display text input from Resolume and with parameters you can gain even more control over your animations and tweak your content while VJ-ing. Watch the Resolume & Flash Video. Watch the Quartz Composer Video. If you're feeling really adventurous your can even code your own generative content in openGL by compiling FFGL source plugins. What's new in version 4.1 [NEW] Modify default clip behaviour in the preferences

[FIXED] Syphon crashes Avenue on OS X 10.5
[FIXED] Crash: Right-click the clip playhead on the layer when no clip is playing
[FIXED] Crash: Set negative mask width or height in Advanced output
[FIXED] Possible crash when removing layers
[FIXED] MIDI starts lagging over time with composition midi map
[FIXED] Layer opacity composition MIDI shortcut can not be removed
[FIXED] Composition MIDI shortcuts get duplicated on startup
[FIXED] Timecode sometimes only plays clip in one layer
[FIXED] SMPTE framerate setting not remembered
[FIXED] Arrow keys change blend modes after you select a layer or select something from a dropdown
[FIXED] When adding a layer with shortcut CTRL+L while midi mapping, 2 layers are created
[FIXED] Dashboard linked parameter is not movable anymore by mouse/MIDI/OSC
[FIXED] MIDI output not always working for layer focused shortcuts
[FIXED] Dropping a VST effect before another effect doesn't list the effect
[FIXED] Order of VST effects changes randomly after saving and reopening
[FIXED] Crash: Relocate AV files then reset the in/out point by right clicking
[FIXED] Crash when pressing relocate in the layer window, while the clip has been ejected
[FIXED] Memory leak with Relocate window
[FIXED] Crash when sending a LOT of MIDI and then opening advanced output
[FIXED] Update FFGL and VST plugin folder locations after update
[FIXED] Possible crash on startup with OS X Capture devices
[FIXED] VDIG capture devices are throwing errors that crash resolume
[FIXED] Crash when loading composition with a mask that points to an unexisting file
[FIXED] Middle C now actually like, correct and stuff
[FIXED] Crash when sending layer to slice and using active layer triggering
[FIXED] Alpha not always showing correctly when using advanced output
[FIXED] Retriggering a clip via DMX is not possible
[FIXED] Relocate window does not appear when loading a deck from a different composition
[FIXED] Multi-clip deselect not always working
[FIXED] When a copy of a slice is made the original will stay selected

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