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ProxyRenderer 1.0

A video transcoding application

Software Information of ProxyRenderer 1.0



Size: 5.1MB

License: Shareware

OS: Windows7,WindowsVista,WindowsXP

Downloads: 1585

Screenshot (View large)

Publisher's Description of ProxyRenderer 1.0

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Although the original idea was to just create something that created Mp4 proxies for our Logger, it was too good not to use it for internet video also.

I did some tests with challenging footage.
(Keep in mind that this is not my recent work. The oldest parts came from U-matic low band and are over 25 years old...
A lot of the content was made on a 80 Mhz Mac running AE and M100. Those were the days...)
The pages you see not only contain the Proxyrenderer output files, but are made with the HTML the application also generates.

This is H264 in Flash
This is the same H264 in a Quicktime player
This is Mpeg4 in a Quicktime player

These files are 2'41" long. The rendertime to create the Mpeg4 was just 37 seconds!
The H264 took 68 seconds!
The upload time to the web was the limiting factor, that took 5 minutes per video file...

Of course, for the use of H264 in Flash you need a player. The Flash HTML is generated for the Jeroen Wijering player, that you need to have next to the video.
It is very good, dirt cheap (free if you don't use it commercial) and Jeroen has even a HTML generator on his site if you want to customize it.

Main features include

- Very easy to use interface
- Drag and drop
- Multiprocessor aware, customizable use of processor time
- De-interlacing option
- Custom crop
- Custom output resulution
- Choice of either H264 or Mpeg4
- Auto generation of HTML

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