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Postgres Enterprise Manager

Postgres Enterprise Manager, with its distributed architecture, has been specially designed to remotely manage, monitor, and tune all sizes of PostgreSQL and Postgres Plus Advanced Server installations, running in any environment.

Software Information of Postgres Enterprise Manager



Size: 107.42 MB

License: Shareware

OS: Windows XP,Windows 2000,Windows 98,Windows Me,Windows NT

Downloads: 720

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Publisher's Description of Postgres Enterprise Manager

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Postgres Enterprise Manager, with its distributed architecture, has been specially designed to remotely manage, monitor, and tune all sizes of PostgreSQL and Postgres Plus Advanced Server installations, running in any environment.Monitoring dashboards provide views and alerts to help maintain and manage the database servers What's new in version 2.1 A. Support for SMTP based Alerts
The SMTP based alert can be used to asynchronously send SMTP email messages from the Enterprise Manager Server. The alerts can also use an SMTP server or smarthost to deliver messages (required). Optionally you may use SSL/TLS to communicate with the SMTP server, use authentication to the SMTP server, and also disable SMTP delivery. You can also create and select groups for sending email alerts.
B. Support for SNMP trap based Alerts SNMP based alerts are used to asynchronously send SNMP (v1) and (v2c) traps from the Enterprie Manager Server to an SNMP monitoring application. SNMP alerts also support the creation of MIB (Management Information Base) files which have a unique OID for each alert type with proper
variable bindings.
C. Team Support
System Administrators can now effectively limit users access to different servers across the enterprise when they access the PEM client through the user of roles.
D. Audit Manager
System Administrators can now manage the fine grained auditing features in Postgres Plus Advanced
Server through the PEM client GUI.
E. SQL Profiler Enhancements
The SQL Profiler results can now be filtered by all fields displayed in the table.
F. Probe Enhancements
The client address and port number have been added to the session_info probe and the appropriate
dashboard table.
G. Server/agent barchart coloring
Objects that are down or offline are now shown in the color red and when the status is unknown they are shown in the color yellow.
H. Alert Enhancements
Alerts on the alert dashboard and on the global overview are now links that when clicked, open the alert dialogue showing the configuration of the selected alert.
I. Copy Alert Definitions
This feature allows the definitions of alerts to be copied from one object to other objects at same level or alerts from a parent object to all children at other levels saving users time when adding new objects. For example;
copy the alerts on TableA to all other tables. It also allows the user to merge a list of alerts with existing ones, or overwrite them all.
J. Allow Agent/Server Alert Blackouts
Postgres Enterprise Manager now allows all alerts on a given agent and its servers, or on a given server to be enabled or disabled (independently of per-alert options that do similar things). This allows System Administrators to perform planned maintenance activities without flooding users with alerts.
K. Background refresh of charts/graphs in the dashboards
All charts and data tables on the dashboards are now AJAX driven and refresh regularly on a 5 minute default interval that is configurable by the user.
L. Capacity Manager Report Templates
The ability to save and load report templates have been added to the Capacity Manager to allow users to build a library of reports. In addition, new options for defining time windows have been added (e.g. "Last Week" or "Last Month").
M. Dashboard Tables Sort Order Persistence
When the user selects a sort order on a table in the dashboards, that selection is now persisted across page refreshes.
N. Re-homing of Servers
This enhancement allows a server to be re-homed from one agent to another in High Availability configurations.
O. Links Added to Agents/Servers on the Global Dashboard
Users can now click on agents or servers on the global dashboard and jump directly to the default dashboard for those objects.
P. Sibling Object Menus Added to the Dashboards
Menus have been added to all dashboards allowing users to navigate directly to the same dashboard but for a sibling object (for example, one database to another).
Q. Global Dashboard Access
All dashboards now have an easily accessible link that returns the user to the global dashboard.
R. Disable Bullets on Line Charts
A global configuration option has been added to disable the display of bullets on line charts in the dashboards and Capacity Manager.
S. Additional Alert Info on the Global Overview
Value, Database, Schema, Package, Object, Additional Params, Additional Param Values are now displayed in the Alerts list on the Global Overview page.
T. Server Installation Enhancements
The installation of the server component to Postgres Enterprise Manager has been made more
flexible. Users now have the option of individually installing the server (the database server and
add-ons) along with a PEM agent, the Web services (Apache and the web components only) or both
U. Agent Installation Enhancements
During installation of the agent onto monitored database servers, users can now select the location into which the agent's SSL certificates should be installed.

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