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Peak Pro 6

Peak Pro offers more creative potential for musician, composer, audio editor etc

Software Information of Peak Pro 6



Size: 62.46MB

License: Shareware

OS: Mac OS X

Downloads: 4086

Screenshot (View large)

Publisher's Description of Peak Pro 6

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Whether you're a musician, composer, sound designer, audio editor, podcast/multimedia producer, or mastering engineer, Peak Pro offers more creative potential than ever before. Reliably mature, yet always inspired. Feature rich, yet flexible and friendly. By itself, or with your favorite DAW, Peak Pro streamlines your workflow with industry renowned sonic quality and precision.


Advanced Playlist Editing & Mastering

* Mastering & "Classical Editing" cross-fade modes: Overlap/Gap & Centered cross-fades provide workflow optimization.
* Volume envelopes: easily & precisely edit volumes across entire regions, fades & cross-fades.
* Custom default x-fades: create, save & automatically apply your favorite x-fade shapes.
* New controls: pre/post roll audition, insert new event at play-head, edit sync between source document and region & more.
* Playlist waveform zooming tools: zoom to sample level, auto-zoom to cross-fade, zoom out all the way.

Editing, Processing & Sound Design Power

* Cache in RAM: ultra-fast RAM-based editing.
* Perpetual Looper DSP: ensures perfect "beat-free" sustained loops on monophonic sources — great for creating instrument sample libraries.
* Voiceover Ducking DSP: dynamically lowers music level during voice over — ideal for podcast authoring.
* Change Pitch & Convolve Envelope: apply dynamic changes over time.
* Change Duration options: algorithmic selection for optimizing results with vocals or musical content.
* Vbox™ cross-synthesis link: mix, convolve, vocode, modulate & magnitude multiply virtual instruments, audio, effects & live input for creative sound design.
* Advanced dither modeling system: ultra-accurate emulation of most popular dithering technologies

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