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  • iParrot 1.0

    iParrot sets a new standard for instant multi-language translation software

    Updated:Jul 19,2011    Downloads:729    Size:1.0MB

  • TuneSleeve 1.0.12

    Enhance your iTunes and iPod experience with album art!

    Updated:Jul 19,2011    Downloads:104    Size:709KB

  • TuneAid 3.76

    Copy tracks and videos from any iPod to iTunes

    Updated:Jul 19,2011    Downloads:332    Size:2.18MB

  • i-Charger

    i-Charger is the intelligent iPad/iPhone/iPod recharge utility.

    Updated:May 29,2012    Downloads:746    Size:534KB

  • iPod shuffle Manager 1.20

    A small piece of software to move tracks to your iPod shuffle.

    Updated:Jul 19,2011    Downloads:3316    Size:12KB

  • xPodClone 1.3.3

    xPodClone is the ultimate backup tool for all your devices.

    Updated:Jul 19,2011    Downloads:96    Size:431KB

  • BiblePlayer for iPod 1.1

    This unique mp3 audio Bible lets you take God's Word with you anywhere you go.

    Updated:Jul 19,2011    Downloads:15    Size:1.27MB

  • Dupe Away 2.004

    Dupe Away removes iTunes duplicates in a fast and easy way.

    Updated:Aug 10,2011    Downloads:37    Size:1.03MB

  • iArtwork 1.4

    iArtwork brings you the missing album covers.

    Updated:Jul 18,2011    Downloads:757    Size:1.3MB

  • iPodCopy 9.70

    Copy music, video, podcasts and Photos from your iPod to your PC

    Updated:Jul 18,2011    Downloads:154    Size:11.7MB

  • iRemote 1.9b

    A freeware program that lets you make a skinable interface to iTunes.

    Updated:Jul 18,2011    Downloads:84    Size:676KB

  • MobileMe Control Panel 1.6.6

    Easily set up sync on your Windows PC

    Updated:Jul 18,2011    Downloads:303    Size:6.0MB

  • SpeedyiTunes

    SpeedyiTunes optimizes and accelerates iTunes download process.

    Updated:Jul 15,2011    Downloads:279    Size:6.72MB

  • DiskAid 4.63

    Transfers files between your computer & iPhone or iPod Touch.

    Updated:Jul 15,2011    Downloads:3371    Size:3.20MB

  • iContax 0.1

    Creating and organizing vCard contacts on your iPod.

    Updated:Jul 15,2011    Downloads:16    Size:2.1MB

  • iAppoint 0.5.1

    It is a tool that simply copies all your appoints in Outlook to one single file.

    Updated:Jul 15,2011    Downloads:16    Size:2.2MB

  • WordPod 1.2

    An intuitive way to read books on your iPod

    Updated:Jul 15,2011    Downloads:92    Size:256KB

  • iPodSync 2.3.0

    View your Outlook Contacts, Calendars, Tasks and Notes on your iPod

    Updated:Jul 14,2011    Downloads:24    Size:6.98MB

  • BackuPod 2.0

    A small program to backup and restore whole iPod music library.

    Updated:Jul 14,2011    Downloads:36    Size:7.4MB

  • iPod Media Extractor 1.1

    Extract your audio files from your iPod to your Computer

    Updated:Jul 14,2011    Downloads:286    Size:45KB


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