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Noow 0.99b

Download, manage ans play multimedia files.

Software Information of Noow 0.99b



Size: 40.05MB

License: Freeware

OS: Windows7,WindowsVista,WindowsXP

Downloads: 1083

Screenshot (View large)

Publisher's Description of Noow 0.99b

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Noow is a powerful application that was designed to serve multiple purposes. Crystal clear HD video delivers the quality and fresh look that transforms ordinary video files into exceptional works!

With Noow you can download any video and Torrent file, whether it is an individual BitTorrent file or a torrent in feeds. Just several easy steps to play, stop and resume 
any of the downloads!

Search for all video files saved on your computer during the installation and create your own media library! Noow
also offers you the possibility to organize and manage your playlists and feeds.




· Play with Noow!

Don't stop:
· Forget about searching back to the episode that you initially left of! Noow remember the last position played and re-start at that point during the next session. Using advanced preferences you can play movies one by one or play them in a crazy circle! You can always click on a video and change the settings. Take the playback under YOUR control!

Enjoy the multipurpose:
· Stop worrying about the format! Noow supports them all! MPEG, AVI, DivX, H.\264, Flash Video, Quicktime, Windows Media and many more!

· Personalize with Noow!

Organize your playlist:
· Create your own play-list, drag your favorite videos one by one or choose a few using right mouse click-add to a play-list option, create folders and group your video files for better use! Organize your Feeds and playlist by topic!

Create your own media library:
· Search for all video files saved on your computer during the installation and create your own media library! Noow Library can move your files all over your system, including an external Hard Drive! Running out of space? No problem!

· Download with Noow!

Manage your diskspace:
· Reserve a certain space for your downloads, Noow will notify you when the limit is reached!

Use torrents:
· With Noow you can download any Torrent file you need! Whether it is an individual BitTorrent file or a torrent in feeds. When the file is downloaded it will be added into your library.

Stop'n play:
· Just several easy steps to play, stop and resume any of the downloads!

Paste your URL:
· Download any video! Copy the link and paste it into Noow menu item!

Separate window:
· Noow doesn't hamper you at all! You can watch video in a separate window. Browse and download while watching! Play all your videos in one separate window or play them all in a different ones! No limits!

Automatically renewing:
· You can personalize Noow Automatic renewal! Safe all files on your hard drive or choose the ones you want to safe and forget about the others! Noow can delete them automatically in several days for you. Don't concentrate your attention on the useless files, think about your favorite ones and keep space for hot new files!

· RSS with Noow!

Enjoy the simplicity:
· With Video RSS feeds publishers can distribute their content and viewers can bring them altogether in one place forming a simple system vital for the Internet TV. You can be sure that Noow is compatible with the greater number of feeds then any other video app!

Organize your audio feeds:
· Noow works with audio and video podcasts. It offers you a sidebar where you can organize your audio feeds as well.

Set your downloading:
· Noow gives you the possibility to download videos from a podcast as they are published. You can also stop the downloading process anytime and resume it. To rename a podcast use right mouse click.

· Search with Noow!

Find what you want:
· Save any search within a video feed as it's own podcast, get new videos as they are published online!

New searching features:
· Add any website to your sidebar. The “Sites” section will let you have all videos within easy reach! Add TV shows to Noow sidebar and have all your streaming and downloading TV shows in one place! In Noow you can find a new section with the most popular streaming TV shows. Add other types of sites to your sidebar! Browse them and download files in one click! All videos will be automatically downloaded into Noow library.

· Share with Noow!

Share on Facebook, Twitter and others:
· Send a link to your Friends in one click! Every podcast has an e-mail button! You can also post any video to the social sites, import Feeds and help your friends to import your feeds in Noow with the help of OPML file!



Editor reviews:

Users are advised to pay attention while installing this ad-suported application:

·Offers to change the homepage for web browsers installed in the system

·Offers to change the default search engine for web browsers installed in the system

·Offers to install Babylon 9 and 7PicUploader that the program does not require to fully function

·Offers to create desktop or start menu shortcuts for items unrelated to the program's functionality

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