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This program is an add-on to Windows Media Player (WMP).

Software Information of MUSIC PLAYER 1.0



Size: 705KB

License: Shareware

OS: Windows Vista,Windows XP

Downloads: 15453

Screenshot (View large)

Publisher's Description of MUSIC PLAYER 1.0

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This program is an add-on to Windows Media Player (WMP). Its main goal is to deal with some of the shortcomings of WMP, but it also adds some new and useful functionality. These are the main features of the program
Improved cover and album art support

Version 11 of WMP makes good improvements over the previous versions in this area, but, amazingly, the Album Art visualization still does not support full screen. This may look like a trivial issue, but not for a true audiophile, for whom the cover and album art is as important as the music itself. There is a little confusion between cover art and album art.

Improved library functionality

WMP library is a horror story. It is so bad that until version 11 if you had more than 10000 songs, it would have been almost impossible to use it. In version 11, there are some enhancements and optimizations

Improved network support

The WMP library information is stored locally in proprietary ways on each computer on the network that has WMP installed, which makes it very hard to share

Remote access functionality

Since the catalogs allow sharing of the library information from the machines on the local network, a logical step is to expand this functionality to machines connected over the internet, thus creating remote access.

Improved search functionality

WMP has limited search capabilities. You can not search for parts of the file paths, you can search for tag information only,

Improved browsing/grouping functionality

Grouping can be very useful when browsing files. WMP has same simple grouping capabilities based on album artist, album name, genre, and year.

Improved tag editing functionality

Editing or even just displaying the tag information for several files in WMP is very inconvenient. MP makes this experience more database like, again.

Cover search functionality

Improved playlist and random play functionality

Additional functionality

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