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Mo-Verb Native for Windows 1.1

It employs the same processing technique like the original Transient Designer.

Software Information of Mo-Verb Native for Windows 1.1



Size: 6.65MB

License: Shareware

OS: Windows XP,Windows 2000,Windows 98

Downloads: 700

Screenshot (View large)

Publisher's Description of Mo-Verb Native for Windows 1.1

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The Mo-Verb MicroPlug employs the same processing technique like the original Transient Designer. SPL’s Differential Envelope Technology has revolutionized dynamic processing with a level-independent method.

This radically different approach allows to forego the setting of a threshold. Other parameters are set automatically and in a musical manner as they follow the characteristics of the input signal. After all, only one control allows to reshape the sustain characteristics of a sound.

The following examples are given as suggestions and examples. The described procedures with specific instruments can of course be transferred to others which are not mentioned here.

Drums & Percussions

* Adjust the apparent “distance” of the microphone by simply varying REVERB-ENHANCEMENT values.
* If your drums happen to sound as if the room mics have been placed in a shoe closet, the Mo-Verb can immediately turn that sound into the ambience of an empty warehouse. Slowly increase REVERB-ENHANCEMENT values to bring up the room tone. For a solid and driving rhythm track just fine-tune the settings to make sure that the room mic envelope ends more or less exactly on the desired upbeat or downbeat.


* Increase distortion with a sustain period. If you want to create soaring guitar solos that would make even David Gilmour blush, just crank up the REVERB-ENHANCEMENT control to the max and there you go.
* On acoustic guitar tracks you can emphasize the room sound by turning up REVERB-ENHANCEMENT.


* A common problem especially with tracks that are recorded and mixed in different studios: Backings lack of ambience, and finding a reverb that “matches” takes time ... so simply emphasize the original ambience by turning up the REVERB-ENHANCEMENT control.

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