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listFix() 2.2.0

Fixes playlists by finding lost/moved/renamed files from a media library.

Software Information of listFix() 2.2.0



Size: 2.08MB

License: GPL

OS: Windows7,WindowsVista,WindowsXP

Downloads: 6925

Screenshot (View large)

Publisher's Description of listFix() 2.2.0

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Have you ever spent some time making a playlist, only to have it break when you reorganize your files? listFix() is a Swing application that solves this problem by finding the missing entries in your playlists automatically. Tell it where you keep your media files, load in the playlist you want to fix, and hit the locate button. The program will search your media library for the file and update the playlist accordingly when it finds a match.

If a few files are still missing, they were probably renamed. listFix() has a way of finding these files as well, by scoring the files in your media library with a "similarity" test and offering you a choice of the best potential matches, pre-selecting the matches it deems "best".

iTunes fans, see Using listFix() to fix iTunes playlists
(I know, Steve Jobs crys when you run Java, but it's worth it =])


* M3U/M3U8/PLS Support (Winamp, XMMS, Foobar2000, etc)
* Find lost/missing playlist entries
* Insert/Move/Delete/Replace/Append entries
* Insert/Append Playlists
* Sort the playlist by filename, status, and location
* Randomize the list
* Remove duplicates and/or missing tracks from the playlist
* Copy all songs in a list to a specified directory
* Advanced search for renamed tracks
* Launch an entry or playlist in the system's default media program
* Support for URL & UNC path entries
* Save playlists with absolute or relative references
* Batch repairing of playlists
* Batch find closest matches (for renamed files)
* Batch repair Winamp Media Library playlists

New Features:

* New tabbed interface, have multiple playlists open at the same time
* Found status now indicated by colored icons
* New batch repair interface that allows in-place editing of batch repaired lists
* Batch repair of playlists stored in winamp’s media library!
* Batch find closest matches to find all renamed missing files in a playlist at once
* Etc.

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