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KaraWin Pro Build 240112

A professional Karaoke Midi and MP3 player

Software Information of KaraWin Pro Build 240112



Size: 3.71MB

License: Shareware

OS: Windows7,WindowsVista,WindowsXP

Downloads: 980

Screenshot (View large)

Publisher's Description of KaraWin Pro Build 240112

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KaraWin Pro is a Karaoke Midi and MP3, KOK, ID3V2, CDG, LyricsV2 Kfn files player. It also featurees a Video under lyrics and Direct cd+cdg player. Sing with your friends, record your voices, listen to your favorite files in midi or mp3, look at your vidéos, sort your audio files and vidéos in catalogues.

This is possible simply with clear and intuitive menus. It can play .kar, .mid, .riff, .rmi, avi, mpg and the .txk format of karados. It can play MP3 files too with or without lyrics embedded or in .lrc or .txt associated file.

KaraWin is much more than a simple translation of KaraDos for the Win32 environment.
It's a brand new product with all the features which made the success of KaraDos plus many new ones.

Note: Buying a license allows you to use the application for public shows.




· Read OGG WMA WAV MOD S3M OGG+G WMA+G in addition to MID KAR MP3 RIFF MP3+G
· Read CDA (Audio cd)
· Immediate Record in WAV OGG
· Immediate Record in MP3 WMA
· Files conversion from WAV MP3 OGG WMA CDA MOD to WAV MP3 WMA OGG with tags preserved
· Batch files conversion (select many songs to be converted)
· Tags edition ID3V1 ID3V2 OGG WMA
· Real time music effect for MP3 OGG WMA CDA MOD (tempo, pitch equalizer, voice removal, echo, reverberation)
· Real time Mike effect (pitch, reverberation). Very amazing
· Adjustable cross fading, pictobar (little bar to follow the lyrics)
· New avi mpeg player (directX)
· New audio engine (BASS)
· New look
· Presets management
· Direct CD+G support (karaoke CD)
· CD+G ripper to BIN or MP3+G or OGG+G or WMA+G
· Conversion BIN (MP3+G or OGG+G or WMA+G)
· 3d style display
· Video with overlayed lyrics
· Video on top of the window
· Synchro bar
· record and play .wav .ogg .wma, .mp3 files.
· presets management (Creation, modification, load). Creat and play with your own set of presets, exchange them with other. No limitation.
· A preset can be associated with any song by giving it the root name of the song. (ie song.kar with song.prk and when the song.kar is played, the song.prk is loaded. Can both be packed in one zip file (ie
MIDI features:
· Midi with sysex sent (option)
· dynamic display of main midi controllers and events ,
· slide show
· Lyrics editor included,
· Real time change of transpose, velocities, instruments, tempo,
· channel transposition
· channel volume adjustment
· adjustable BPM
· Midi editor to save change of transpose, velocities, instruments, tempo,
· playing piano window.
Lyrics display:
· A lot of option to let you configure the look you want: Fonts, shadow, solid background ...
· full image support (jpg, bmp, gif, wmf), gradient for background (colors, way)...
· full video support (pro only)
· full screen option ,
· multi display support for Windows 98, XP and 2000
· scroll and border zone adjustable,
· Slide show mode,
· cam and video support above the lyrics with the Windows multimedia player (ActiveX)
· Synchro bar with balls from right to left.
For the Pro release:
· Play cd and cd+G,
· Video with lyrics overlayed
· Conversion between wav, mp3, ogg, wma
· CD ripper
· Special effect on mike
· Record in mp3 or wma or wav or ogg
· bin cdg convertion
· lyric text midi events convertion



Editor reviews:

New features:

· The help file is working under Windows Seven
· History file saved at each new song played (autosave must be checked)
· Improved lyrics editor (corrected
· Optimizations

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Version History of KaraWin Pro Build 240112

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