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iStory Creator

It allows users to make custom interactive iPod text-based games, quizzes

Software Information of iStory Creator



Size: 2.07MB

License: Freeware

OS: Windows7,WindowsVista,WindowsXP

Downloads: 683

Screenshot (View large)

Publisher's Description of iStory Creator

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iStory Creator is an application made to allow people the opportunity to create their very own iPod text games. It allows people with absolutely no HTML or coding experience the chance to be able to contribute games for the iPod that are engaging and rich with fun.

"iStories" are text games for the iPod that have a block of text like a book and then when certain things happen in the story, the user is able to make choices that affect how the story ultimately progresses.

iStory Creator is a tool that create quizz, text game and reference materials for iPod.

This can lead to games that are similar to RPG's, quiz-type games, tutorials, demos, references and basically anything you can think of doing with a linked text files.

The iStories can be very similar to a "Choose your own ending" type of novel or can be anything else you put your mind to authoring. These games make for some great entertainment. So, be sure download the creator, start thinking of a fun idea for an iStory and get cracking on making a great text game!


New features:


· Improved XP style by implementing a manifest file.
· Added additional 12 choices for each page, bringing the total up to 30 choices. (More to come in future versions).
· Removed old choice boxes and link boxes and implemented an "excel-like" control allowing users a much nicer choice interface.
· Removed Original User-Custom Theme System and replaced it with current user's selected window's theme (XP or classic both supported).
· Removed Settings Menu and moved General Options to the Tools menu.
· Slightly improved iPod detection (with more improvements to come).
· Improved garbage collecting and optimized code.
· Modified Choices Style options (switched order, added several new choice list styles).
· Reworked certain elements of XML Reading/Writing Functionality.
· Fixed potential error when trying to extract a story that wasn't valid or well-formed.
· Modified "Now Playing" option so that it actually works as intended.
· Improved importing functionality from zip archives to xsp file.
· Modified preview mode so that old preview files are deleted upon rebuilding the preview.
· Made several minor modifications to the application's layout and appearance.
· Added alt-key support for opening menus.
· Added ability to cut, copy, and paste choices within the choice grid via the right hand context menu.
· Added ability to shift choices on a page, as well as insert/delete choices at a position (by using right-click menu in choices grid).
· Modified text parsing to more effectively extract the body of a story from a text file.
· Changed shift controls so that when a page is selected, they are enabled/disabled accordingly.
· Removed the tab appearance controls as they are no longer needed.

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