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GGate 1.0

GGate is a noise gate.

Software Information of GGate 1.0



Size: 152KB

License: Freeware

OS: Windows Vista,Windows 2003,Windows XP,Windows 2000,Windows 98,Windows Me,Windows NT

Downloads: 1217

Screenshot (View large)

Publisher's Description of GGate 1.0

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GGate is a noise gate, which silences the incoming signal once it drops below a user-defined threshold. This kind of effect is useful when source material contains background noise during "silent" passages, such as the hum of an amplifier or artefacts from an effect chain. The main portion of the source audio is usually significantly louder than this background noise, so when GGate receives an appropriate boost in amplitude, it knows that it's time to let the signal pass through.

Use the gate to control background noise on tracks, allowing for a cleaner mix.
On high-gain guitar parts, GGate can be used not only to control unwanted background noise, but also as an effect to emphasize staccato-like passages and palm-muting techniques.
Always remember that GGate silences unwanted parts, but when the gate is open, the background noise is also passed through. It simply becomes less noticeable because the main portion of the audio becomes more dominant.

Three knobs control GGate's parameters. Each is clearly labelled above, with a user-editable readout below. Additionally, a meter provides visual feedback as to the activity level of the gate.

Thresh: The threshold level, in dB, below which the source material is silenced. Only audio that exceeds this level will trigger the gate and be allowed to pass through unaffected.

Fade: The time it takes for the Gate to "close" again once the signal drops below the threshold. An extremely quick Fade can be very noticeable, which is generally to be avoided but can be useful for certain kinds of signal processing.

Attack: The speed at which the signal is unmuted once the signal rises above the threshold. Very fast attack times can be used to emphasize certain techniques, while slower attack times will gradually "ramp up" the signal for a more natural sound.

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