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GBand 1.0

GBand is a resonant band-pass filter.

Software Information of GBand 1.0



Size: 142KB

License: Freeware

OS: Windows7,WindowsVista,WindowsXP,Windows2000

Downloads: 998

Screenshot (View large)

Publisher's Description of GBand 1.0

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GBand is a resonant band-pass filter. A typical band-pass filter is configured by selecting a central frequency "node" and adjusting the Q (width) of the band surrounding the node. GBand operates in a much more intuitive way. It is actually composed of a low-cut and a high-cut filter operating in series.

In GVST terms, this plug-in is identical to having a GLow and GHi running one after the other.

All GVST plug-ins come compressed in a ZIP file, so the first step is to extract the files from the ZIP file.
Once extracted, you should have one or more DLL files, these are the plug-in files.
You need to copy the plug-in files to the appropriate folder for your host program.
In most cases, you will need either to restart the host program or re-scan the plug-in folder in order for newly-installed plug-ins to appear.
Automating the Frequency and Resonance parameters can help add life and drama to an individual track, a sub-mix, or even segments of a song at mix-down.
With a 0% resonance setting, GBand can be used to restrict the frequency range an instrument or track occupies, without colouring the sound.

Each knob is laid out the same way for consistent and easy reference. Above each one, its function is labelled. Below each one is a numerical readout of the value assigned. One additional mini-window at the bottom of the GUI shows the peak level of the incoming signal, in decibels.

Gain: This knob adjusts the input (rather than output) level. On GBand, at least, the end result is identical either way. Surely a gain knob needs no further explanation!

Lo Cut: Only frequencies above this level will be allowed to pass through. Anything below is cut.

Hi Cut: Any remaining frequencies below this value (after the Lo Cut has already subtracted some) are passed through. Any frequencies higher than this knob's setting are cut.

Res: This knob sets the "resonance", for both filters. Resonance is created by boost

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