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DJ Jukebox 14.0

An essential tool for managing a song library and generating playlists.

Software Information of DJ Jukebox 14.0



Size: 6.55MB

License: Shareware

OS: Windows7,WindowsVista,Windows2003,WindowsXP,Windows2000,Windwos2008,Windows9x

Downloads: 1100

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Publisher's Description of DJ Jukebox 14.0

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DJ Jukebox is an essential tool for managing a song library and generating playlists.

Each song can be assigned a rating so that favorites are played more often, and that unwanted songs are never chosen.  Once all of the songs are rated, DJ Jukebox will generate playlists with the perfect mix of great songs, good songs, and some average songs.  The repetition prevention feature ensures that the playlist is always fresh.

Also included is an array of powerful file management tools that allow the user to easily manage their song library.  This makes DJ Jukebox an important time saver, especially as your collection grows into the thousands.

Key Features:

Playlist Generator
DJ Jukebox generates random lists of songs which can be delivered to a media player such as Winamp.  Each song can be rated (on a scale of 0-100) to ensure that favorites are chosen more often.  A rating of 0 will prevent the song from being played altogether.

File Management

DJ Jukebox maintains a list of each song and its rating in the "Song Table".  From this table, songs can be easily renamed, deleted, or rated.

DJ Jukebox can rename or move an entire directory.  The Song Table is automatically updated to reflect the new song locations.

DJ Jukebox can also perform a text search and replace operation on the Song Table.  Again, the song files are automatically renamed when a change is made.

Remote Control
DJ Jukebox can listen for commands from another copy of DJ Jukebox located on a local area network (LAN).  Programmable keystrokes can be sent to the server with the click of a button, providing complete remote control over the media player.

The remote control feature can be used by a dedicated entertainment server.  DJ Jukebox can start automatically during bootup and begin listening for remote commands.  The server does not even need a monitor.

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