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playing high quality HD H.264 videos on your Windows based computer

Software Information of CoreAVC



Size: N/A

License: Commercial

OS: Windows7,WindowsVista,WindowsXP

Downloads: 60848

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Publisher's Description of CoreAVC

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The CoreCodec CoreAVC High Definition H.264 video codec is based on the MPEG-4 Part 10 standard and is one of the codecs used in Blu-ray and in HD-DVD.

AVC / H.264 is considered to be the next-generation standard for video, and this software can be recognized as the world's fastest H.264 software video decoder.

The efficiency of CoreAVC in 'software' is often compared to be faster than other solutions that try to rely on 'hardware' to increase playback performance of H.264 video.


New features:

· ADD: 9 bit support
· ADD: 10 bit support
· ADD: DXVA fallback to software
· ADD: Intel Media SDK Support (DXVA2)
· ADD: Intel GMA Support (DXVA2)
· ADD: 10 bit output format (P010)
· ADD: 16 bit output format (P016)
· ADD: Directshow dithering when filter output is downsampled
· ADD: Improved DXVA handling for interlaced streams
· ADD: Colorspace conversion from 10 bit formats to 8 bit formats
· ADD: DXVA 2 Long slice support
· ADD: Initial 4:4:4 integration (No decode support yet)
· ADD: New assembly engine
· ADD: New assembly IDCT
· ADD: New assembly motion compensation
· ADD: New assembly inter-prediction
· ADD: New assembly weighted prediction
· ADD: New assembly 9-bit
· ADD: New assembly 10-bit
· ADD: Improved assembly 8 bit performance
· CHG: Use container AR when there is no stream AR
· FIX: Improved Frame order handling
· FIX: Hardware deinterlacing field order
· CHG: DXVA increase max buffers
· CHG: Sanitize sample stop times for buggy splitters, for hardware deinterlacing compatibility
· FIX: Bette...

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