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Cole2k Media Codec Pack Advanced 7.9.7

A useful and powerful codec pack

Software Information of Cole2k Media Codec Pack Advanced 7.9.7



Size: 20.21MB

License: Freeware

OS: WindowsVista,WindowsXP

Downloads: 1608

Screenshot (View large)

Publisher's Description of Cole2k Media Codec Pack Advanced 7.9.7

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The advanced codec pack is for use by encoders, it features a large number of codec's and also some additional tools.
Cole2k Media Codec Pack is an application that features a large number of codecs and also some additional programs.
Installation Advice:
First of all it is strongly advised that you remove your previous codec pack, it is not always essential but may help to rule out any future problems.
DivX 6.4 Pro is featured in this pack, if you have previously had DivX 5.x registered or your PC you will need to enter a new key with this version.




· DivX Pro Video Codec (05/08/08 Revision).
· DivX Web Player 1.4.0233 browser plugin.
· XviD 1.1.3 Video (Encoder) Codec - Koepi's 28/06/07 Build
· ffdshow Video Codec 20081228 Revision 2547 by clsid.
· CoreAVC
· Microsoft - Windows Media 9 Video Codec
· On2 Technologies VP7 Video (Decoder) Codec 7.0.8.
· On2 Technologies VP6 Video Codec 6.4.2.
· Flash Video Splitter
· Huffyuv Lossless Video Codec
· Ligos Indeo XP Video Codec 5.2820.15.58.
· Intel Indeo Video Codec
· Intel Indeo Video Codec
· InterVideo Video Filter
· CyberLink DVD Video/SP Filter
· AC3Filter 1.51a.
· AC3File 0.5b.
· Spdifer 0.2a.
· DVBPortal HDTV Pump Filter 1.0.7.
· MythTV Filters 0.10.0.
· Core AAC Playback Filter + AAC Parser Filter 1.1.0 By Tom Judd.
· Core Vorbis Playback Filter + OGG Splitter By Gabest.
· RadLight OFR Playback Filter - for OptimFROG.
· Sony ATRAC3 0.98 ACM Codec also known as MDLP2.
· DivX ACM Audio Codec also known as Windows Media Audio 4.1.
· Lame MP3 3.98.2 ACM Codec.
· DSP-worx Bass source filter 1.11.
· Haali Media Splitter 29/03/08 - For MP4, MKV, OGM and AVI container files.
· AVI - AC3/DTS Converter + DTS/AC3 Source Filter By Gabest.
· RealMedia Source Splitter
· VSFilter 2.39 - Subtitle Reader.
· XCD Filter - Also known as Form 2 Mode 2 CD.
· GSpot Codec Information Appliance 2.70a.
· Shell Context Menu - Allows you to manually register and unregister dll's, ocx's, ax's and exe's through the right click context menu.



Editor reviews:

New features:

· Updated: ffdshow updated to build 20120115 revision 4257.
· Updated: ffdshow x64 updated to build 20120115 revision 4257.

Users are advised to pay attention while installing this ad-supported application:

· Attempts to change the default search engine for web browsers installed on the system
· Offers to install Dealio toolbar that the program does not require to fully function

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