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Cedocida DV-Codec 0.2.2

A Video for Windows (VfW) DV-Type2-Codec

Software Information of Cedocida DV-Codec 0.2.2



Size: 118KB

License: GPL

OS: Windows7,WindowsVista,WindowsXP

Downloads: 737

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Publisher's Description of Cedocida DV-Codec 0.2.2

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Cedocida was developed to be a Video for Windows (VfW) DV-Type2-Codec.

DV is compressed video based on a 4:2:0 (PAL) or 4:1:1 color format. In case of PAL-DV the position of the chroma samples are different then in other formats.

(I - Encoding)
When encoding to DV and input is YV12 you have to tell the encoder which type of YV12 input you are feeding to the encoder:

1.) "DV", that is the luma and chroma samples are taken 1:1 for DCT-type compression as specified in the standard. If the source has sample positions which are not compliant to the DV standard you will get wrong results.
2.) "MPEG 2 non interlaced", you are feeding in YV12 which is used in the MPEG 2 standard for non interlaced material. In order to get correct DV-compressed-video the position of the chroma samples are internally shifted/interpolated.
3.) "MPEG 2 interlaced", same as 2.) but for interlaced MPEG 2 material
4.) When feeding the encoder with YUY2 or RGB material there is no uncertainty about the sample positions of luma/chroma, that is the "YV12 chroma sampling"-options are irrelevant.

(II - Decoding)
When decoding from DV and output is YV12 you have to tell the decoder which type of YV12 output you want to get out of the decoder:

1.), 2.) and 3.) same as above but now specifies the output material.
4.) When decoding to YUY2 or RGB the color sample positions, not available in the native DV format are linear interpolated based on fields.

Here YV12 is used (in the broader sense), that there are 4 parts of luma and 2 parts of chroma samples for a 4-pixel-block, each 8bit per sample, and arranged in a planar way in memory. The position of the samples differs for the various video formats.

That is, if you deal with YV12, you have to tell what material you have (to feed the encoder) or you want to get (from the decoder).

Install as regular DV-Codec (VfW). Caution, your actual DV-Codec will be replaced by this one:
- right click on "cedocida.inf" and select install




· supported formats for in- and output: RGB, YUY2, YV12 (PAL-DV / MPEG2-I / MPEG2-P)
· direct YUV-4:2:0 output when using "YV12 PAL-DV" option
· specifying allowed input and output formats

· fixed multithreading issues
· ported to Visual Studio 2005 (Express)
· fixed bugs in inf file and added install/uninstall support for x64 systems
· fixed other minor bugs



Editor reviews:Cedocida is an open source Video for Windows (VfW) DV-Type2-Codec. Installation: Unzip all files and right click on "cedocida.inf" and select install.

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