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Calibrilla 3.3

Viewing and the content of LUT VA, visual calibration of the video system

Software Information of Calibrilla 3.3



Size: 4.71MB

License: Freeware

OS: Windows7,WindowsVista,WindowsXP

Downloads: 862

Screenshot (View large)

Publisher's Description of Calibrilla 3.3

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Calibrilla is a small application that allows you to carry out monitor calibration, in parallel using hardware- software means of third-party developers. Calibrilla can be the instrumental complement to their functionality.

has a simple and comprehensive interface that will quickly guide you through all its features.




· Simultaneous work with an unlimited number of monitors.
· The correction of data LUT as direct input values into a table, and a modification of the graphical presentation of data with the help of special instruments (backlight level, gamma, brightness, contrast, bending lights and shadows), based on the testimony of the test tables.
· Playing the role of a boot loader LUT when the operating system starts, including when working with multiple graphics cards in multi-monitor system.
· As a general, and per channel preservation of LUT data in text files.

User interface:
· Support of the Russian and the English interface.
· A possibility to change the style of the program interface, use besides the built-in styles of the set of additional or self-created.

Features of correction of data in the lut:
· Selection of graphs of one, two or three color channels for their simultaneous correction.
· The choice for the correction of any point of the schedule and any size of its "shoulder", including unbalanced.
· Mode of visual narrowing the range of correction of the neighbouring pixels (in real time is edit a more narrow range, after which the changes apply to the whole range of correction). This method allows you to avoid the mistakes of visual test, when the range of revisions wider than the difference between the light and the dark field this test (critical for edits near a black and white points).
· Rollback the last action. Rollback work until the change of the tool edit, change of the point or change the color of the channel.
· Configurable test tables.
· The developed system hot keys, significantly improves the speed calibration.

Correction tools of graphical representation of the data in the lut:
· Sliders (rough and exact), changing the value of the current point in the selected channels, as well as the values of the selected range in neighbouring points, using the method of linear interpolation. In addition to the sliders, a more accurate tuning you can do the scroller in the value field or directly вбиванием in this field the desired value.

· Light - installs the black level of the matrix (changes the entire range, moving the left end of the chart (the black) up and down at a fixed right to the end).

· Brightness - moves the whole schedule of the up-and-down at the same time.

· Contrast changes the ratio of the difference between light and dark areas (moves the right end of the graph (the white point) up and down at a fixed left side).

· Gamma - change all values graphics, drawing him on the scale relative to the average point.

· Bending lights and shadows - gently curls the schedule of the near white or black points according to the chosen profile. In addition to coming in conjunction WITH-shaped, the J-shaped and three S-shaped profiles, user can easily create any of your own. Profile files are text format.

Hot Keys:
· Many of the functions in the program duplicated the hot keys. The list of hot keys can be found in the documentation of the "Hot keys"in the built-in help, as well as in tooltips to the relevant authorities.

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