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BG_ASCII is an interactive ascii graphic tool

Software Information of BG_ASCII 1.32



Size: 246KB

License: Freeware

OS: Windows7,WindowsVista,WindowsXP

Downloads: 841

Screenshot (View large)

Publisher's Description of BG_ASCII 1.32

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BG_ASCII is interactive ascii graphic tool, it helps users easily create their own original ASCII art drawings.BG_ASCII is interactive ascii graphic tool.
Ascii graphic is graphic made of common ascii characters i.e "A..Z 1..0 !.*#$
and so on.
It is a very interactive program as you can change almost anything and see
what changed in ascii graphic instantly.




· You can convert image files into ascii images using PIC tool.
· You can convert any font installed on your computer into artistic ascii text
· using TXT tool.
· You can save your work as plain text, picture file (bmp only), or html file.
· Using the desktop hotkey you can convert plain text and windows clipboard contents into artistic ascii text and paste it into any application. This feature
· is very useful to write programm code commetary.



Editor reviews:

New features:

BG_ASCII, new in version 1.32:
· Error correction in color HTML section.

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