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Bass Manager for Adobe Premiere Pro 1.0

This plug-in is designed for use in Adobe Premiere Pro ONLY.

Software Information of Bass Manager for Adobe Premiere Pro 1.0



Size: 70KB

License: Freeware

OS: Windows7,WindowsVista,WindowsXP

Downloads: 3249

Screenshot (View large)

Publisher's Description of Bass Manager for Adobe Premiere Pro 1.0

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This plug-in is designed for use in Adobe Premiere Pro ONLY. For more on the bass manager also see the VST version. Please note we are working on a simple method for calibrating your 5.1 surround system in PPro.

It simulates the bass management systems found on most dolby digital and dts surround sound receivers. This allows surround sound engineers to hear what their 5.1 surround mix sounds like without having to burn a CDr or DVDr and then play it through a consumer 5.1 surround receiver. This plug-in is to be used for monitoring only. This means you turn off the plug-in when you render your main audio files.

A Few Things To Keep In Mind About Bass Management Plug-in for Premiere:

1. Check your Soundcard's output assignment in Premiere Pro: The Plug-in supports L, R, Ls, Rs, C, SUB or L, R, C, LFE, Ls, Rs channel assignments.
2. The Bass Manager plug-in's main job is to allow you to hear the complete frequency range from 10 Hz to 20k Hz using either a set of professional studio monitors or a 5.1 receiver with subwoofer and satellite speakers (consumer level). You do not need to have a professional set of studio monitors but it is recommended.
3. There isn't really a set frequency for the subwoofer and main speakers crossover point but it's usually set at 80 Hz. Set the X-Over frequency on the Bass Manager Plugin to match you system.
4. There are really TWO (2) bass frequency channels used for bass management: SUM and LFE. The SUM channelis a band-limited summation of the 5 main speakers (L, C, R, Ls, and Rs). The LFE Channel is used for injecting Low Frequency Effects such as Dinosaur Footstep into the Subwoofer.
5. Mixing 5.1 music videos you will probably NOT use the LFE channel.
6. Mixing 5.1 audio for video or film you may find yourself wanting to use the LFE channel. The LFE channel is a band limited (20Hz to 110Hz) when played back on a consumer level 5.1 sound system.

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