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Avi Codec Pack + 2.3.0

A complete collection of codecs, enabling you to play most audio and video files

Software Information of Avi Codec Pack + 2.3.0



Size: 17.1MB

License: Freeware

OS: Windows7,WindowsVista,WindowsXP

Downloads: 87324

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Publisher's Description of Avi Codec Pack + 2.3.0

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The D-i-v-X - AVI Codec Pack has been created to make installing major codec's, filters, plug-ins and splitters a breeze.

Special care has been taken to make the package:

● Play a huge variety of Audio/Video files.
● Free of conflicts.
● Cause minimal impact on system performance (Disk space used, registry entries and stability).
● Compatible in full with Microsoft Windows 7, Vista, XP, XP Media Center, 2008, 2003 & 2000, Media Center.

The package is easy to install, while also offering advanced settings to the high end user:

● For simple installation select "Easy Installation".
● For advanced installation options select "Expert Installation".

The package allows playback of almost every file type in existence, the only exceptions being commercial formats that require a special player.

DivX 7.0 Pro Video Codec.
● DivX h.264 Video (Decoder) Codec.
DivX Web Player browser plugin.
● XviD 1.2.1 VAQ Video (Encoder) Codec - Koepi's 04/12/08 Build
ffdshow Video Codec 20090224 Revision 2719 by clsid.
● Microsoft - Windows Media 9 Video Codec
● On2 Technologies VP7 Video (Decoder) Codec 7.0.8.
● On2 Technologies VP6 Video Codec 6.4.2.
● Flash Video Splitter
● Huffyuv Lossless Video Codec
● Ligos Indeo XP Video Codec 5.2820.15.58.
● Intel Indeo Video Codec
● Intel Indeo Video Codec

● InterVideo Video Filter
● CyberLink DVD Video/SP Filter
AC3Filter 1.51a.
● AC3File 0.5b.
● Spdifer 0.2a.
● DVBPortal HDTV Pump Filter 1.0.7.
● MythTV Filters 0.10.0.

● Core AAC Playback Filter + AAC Parser Filter 1.1.0 By Tom Judd.
● Core Vorbis Playback Filter + OGG Splitter By Gabest.
● RadLight OFR Playback Filter - for OptimFROG.
● Sony ATRAC3 0.98 ACM Codec also known as MDLP2.
● DivX ACM Audio Codec also known as Windows Media Audio 4.1.
● Lame MP3 3.98.2 ACM Codec.
● DSP-worx Bass source filter 1.11.

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Tags of Avi Codec Pack + 2.3.0

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