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  • Karaoke for Pro Free 2.0.5

    Play like an Arriang or California karaoke Player with your computer.

    Updated:Jul 27,2011    Downloads:8475    Size:892KB

  • Mac classic Guitar tuner 1.50

    Free guitar tuner, for tuning acoustic and electric classic pinball machine.

    Updated:Mar 16,2011    Downloads:10781    Size:3.41MB

  • Mini Signal Generator 1.10

    generate digital signals encapsulated in WAV files

    Updated:Mar 16,2011    Downloads:5001    Size:847KB

  • Electronic Piano 2.5

    Play Musical Notes, Chords and Drums using the computer keyboard.

    Updated:Jul 13,2011    Downloads:6792    Size:546KB

  • Free NaturalReader 9.2

    NaturalReader is a Text to Speech software with natural sounding voices.

    Updated:Mar 16,2011    Downloads:10737    Size:9.58MB

  • GoVolume 0.31

    It makes the master-volume adjust to the user-setting volume automatically.

    Updated:Aug 31,2011    Downloads:5306    Size:579KB

  • OkeOke.Net Karaoke Software 2.3.8

    OkeOke.Net is a free, powerful, userfriendly karaoke software.

    Updated:Oct 16,2011    Downloads:6852    Size:37.70MB

  • Nokia PressAria 1.0

    This program helps you to convert "notes" for Nokia 3210.

    Updated:Mar 16,2011    Downloads:3467    Size:247KB

  • Bass Tuner 5.2

    This is a bass guitar tuner app written using the Windows MIDI system.

    Updated:Mar 16,2011    Downloads:9765    Size:470KB

  • VoiX 1.0.0 Beta 5

    VoiX is an open-source vocal eliminator (vocal remover) which works well.

    Updated:Mar 16,2011    Downloads:10295    Size:129KB

  • ReadPlease 2003

    ReadPlease 2003 (Free Edition) offers full support for all Microsoft voices.

    Updated:Mar 16,2011    Downloads:6027    Size:10.29MB

  • Winamp Lyrics Opener 1.1

    Automatically opens the lyrics of the currently playing song in Winamp.

    Updated:Mar 16,2011    Downloads:11304    Size:138KB

  • AV MP3 Player Morpher 4.0.92

    Morph music, tempo, add effects. Play & record, convert, rip and burn CDs.

    Updated:Jun 09,2011    Downloads:6189    Size:8.45MB

  • M3U COPiER 1.1

    Takes one or more M3U files and copies the contained MP3 files into a mp3 player

    Updated:Mar 16,2011    Downloads:7551    Size:585K

  • Synthesia 0.8.1

    A fun way to learn how to play the piano.

    Updated:Jun 10,2011    Downloads:5399    Size:3.59MB

  • Pink Noise Generator 1.0

    Fast Pink Noise Generator.

    Updated:Mar 16,2011    Downloads:4199    Size:47KB

  • Maven Wizard 1.0

    Free utility to optimize up to 5.1 Surround Sound PC systems.

    Updated:Mar 16,2011    Downloads:8211    Size:6.87MB

  • VLC Streaming Assistent 0.5 beta

    VLC streaming Easy Wizard is to transfer audio / video (playlists).

    Updated:Mar 15,2013    Downloads:5871    Size:74KB

  • jetCast Server 2

    You can broadcast your music through internet in MP3, OGG or WMA with jetCast.

    Updated:Mar 16,2011    Downloads:12548    Size:3.76MB

  • Fretboard Trainer 1.2 Fretboard Trainer makes learning guitar fretboard notes easy!

    Updated:Jun 15,2011    Downloads:5740    Size:798KB


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