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  • Mamba Music Organizer 0.4

    find your music and allows you organize it by hand or you can let Mamba do it fo

    Updated:Mar 31,2012    Downloads:513    Size:3.5MB

  • Mr QuestionMan 0.8 beta 1

    browse through your audio collection and it will show you useful information

    Updated:Mar 31,2012    Downloads:564    Size:824KB

  • Llama Music Cleanser -

    Clean your music collection

    Updated:Mar 31,2012    Downloads:472    Size:85KB

  • AC3Filter Tools 0.31b

    AC3Filter Tools is a set of command-line tools for manipulating audio files.

    Updated:Mar 30,2012    Downloads:1280    Size:1.15MB

  • Vocal Enhancer -

    Get the sound you always wanted.

    Updated:May 25,2012    Downloads:4858    Size:1MB

  • Analog Factory 2.2.1

    A powerful yet extremely easy-to-use virtual instrument.

    Updated:Mar 22,2012    Downloads:847    Size:28.7MB

  • Voice Web Community 1.0

    Search VoiceXML, SALT, IVR, Grammar Tools for Speech Technology Products

    Updated:Feb 28,2012    Downloads:584    Size:322KB

  • Podcast Station 2.1.14

    It will record, edit, mix and publish your podcasts.podcast software

    Updated:Feb 28,2012    Downloads:636    Size:9.34MB

  • Baby Piano VSTi -

    A VSTi audio plugin.

    Updated:Feb 26,2012    Downloads:1277    Size:4.17MB

  • Dupe Distroyer -

    A simple python program fro deleting duplicate songs.

    Updated:Feb 26,2012    Downloads:489    Size:4.80MB

  • iWorkstation

    Eight programs in one - dedicated to digital audio.

    Updated:Feb 22,2012    Downloads:656    Size:13.30MB

  • TuneZip for iTunes 2.0

    Easily zip, package, backup or move any or all of your iTunes Music Library.

    Updated:Feb 21,2012    Downloads:596    Size:16.85MB

  • Neuromixer Pro 0.5

    standard audio video mixer with intuative controls, solid performance

    Updated:Feb 20,2012    Downloads:694    Size:4.6MB

  • MediaFace 5.0.40

    Create Labels and Inserts for CD/DVD, MiniCD with this software.

    Updated:Feb 16,2012    Downloads:1968    Size:29.97MB

  • Maestro Music Station

    A complete tootkit for all audio types. Convert, grab, edit play, burn CD's

    Updated:Feb 16,2012    Downloads:474    Size:11.0MB

  • MultiMax 3.27

    MultiMax is a multiband audio limiter/compressor which can create smooth.

    Updated:Feb 15,2012    Downloads:710    Size:420KB

  • Peak Limiter 1.53

    Peak Limiter can be used for CD mastering to make all the tracks equally loud.

    Updated:Feb 15,2012    Downloads:888    Size:114KB

  • Gramulator 0.8

    A Java application for experimenting with an analysis/synthesis technique.

    Updated:Feb 14,2012    Downloads:900    Size:32KB

  • ChordWizard Silver 2.5d

    The essential starter pack for guitar and all other fretted instruments.

    Updated:Feb 13,2012    Downloads:590    Size:6.5MB

  • ChordWizard Gold 2.5d

    Truly unlimited musical reference which handles all chord types and scale types.

    Updated:Feb 13,2012    Downloads:651    Size:6.50MB

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