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Anvil Studio 2011.12.06

Record and edit multitrack MIDI and digital audio with this software

Software Information of Anvil Studio 2011.12.06



Size: 2.06MB

License: Freeware

OS: Windows7,WindowsVista,WindowsXP

Downloads: 288617

Screenshot (View large)

Publisher's Description of Anvil Studio 2011.12.06

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Anvil Studio is a handy program designed for people who want to: record music with MIDI and Audio equipment, compose music for MIDI and Audio equipment, sequence music with MIDI equipment, or play with music using a computer and sound card.




· Editors: Staff, Lyrics, Piano Roll, Drum, Loops, Audio, Events.
· File formats: standard .MID and .WAV files.
· Includes extensive integrated help.
Piano Roll / Rhythm editor with:
· multi-level loops
· loops can refer to notes, other loops, samples, or Riffs.
· Import, record and edit audio samples and play them like drums.
· any note duration down to 1/128th notes.
· dynamic editing while the song is playing, making it easier to experiment with rhythms.
· duplet, quintuplet, and septuplet notes.
· Enter notes from external MIDI device, on-screen guitar fret board, on-screen piano keyboard, or by dragging notes to the staff.
· Per-track On/Mute/Solo, device, instrument, channel, fader, pan, and effects controls.
For screens larger than 800 x 600, it shows:
· up to 25 tracks of information displayed at the same time.
· zoomed-out view of notes and wave data for all tracks at the same time.
· option to play notes as mouse moves over them, making it easier to quickly locate a spot in the song.
· Dynamically change track volumes, mutes, instruments, and effects properties while a song continues to play.
· Fast loading and scrolling of large MIDI files.
· Time and Duration fields display time in Minute:Second:Frame(SMPTE), or Measure:Beat:Ticks, or sample format.
· Metronome includes tempo, lead-in, and accent beat attributes.
· Add Cue points for quickly positioning to a desired spot in the song.
· Play list for playing hours of different song files.
· File/Truncate menu to shorten the duration of .MID files.
· File/Merge Song menu for copying tracks between .MID files.
· Add standard music notation including: slur, crescendo, decrescendo, fermata, trill, repeat, D.C., D.S., segno, coda, prima volta, seconda volta, pp, p, mp, mf, f, ff
· User-defined keyboard shortcuts.
· Control Record/Play/Stop functions remotely using any MIDI controllers such as a Foot Switch, Modulation wheel.
· Free version has built-in patch-library support for SoundFont®-compatible sound cards.
· Supports the Tascam US-428 External Mixing console.
· Runs on Windows 98, ME, NT 4.0, 2000, XP, Vista (32-bit versions)
· ASIO, VST, VST-Instrument, and Automation support with optional Pro-Mix accessory.

· Free version allows you to record and edit a single, stereo or mono, one minute audio track.
· Optional $19 Multi-Audio 1/8 accessory allows you to record and mix up to 8 stereo/mono audio tracks, where recording time is limited by available free disk space.
· Uses Windows Audio Format Converters to import/export WMA and other audio formats.
· Mix audio files with different formats (bits per sample, samples per second).
· Controls for sound-card configuration.
· Mix all tracks down to a single .WAV file.
· Set record and play start and end times to control which range get recorded for Punch-in to re-record over mistakes.
· Record audio tracks from any sound card's Mono, Left, Right or Stereo channels, from any soundcard source including Microphone, Line-In, CD-Audio, etc.
· Audio effects: native reverb, native EQ, third-party DirectX effects.
· Audio filters: zero-range, pitch change, volume change, pan, filtering, reverse, normalize (to maximize a track's head-room), low-pass, high-pass, band-pass, and band-stop.
· VU meters
· Zoom in to the sample level
· Per-sample Volume, Pan and Reverb controls
· Record an Audio device's Left or Right channel to a track by itself.
· Mix stereo and mono Audio tracks in the same song to a stereo or mono mix.
· Split a stereo audio track into two mono tracks.
· Change audio tracks between Mono and Stereo without erasing the track.
· Paste Stereo to Mono and Mono to Stereo.
· Import .WAV files to audio tracks or sampled rhythms.
Optional Multi-Audio 8/16 accessory allows you to:
· simultaneously record up to 8 stereo audio tracks if you have a Sound Card with 8 mono audio inputs or 4 stereo inputs.
· mix a song with 16 audio tracks down to a single .WAV file.
· increase the number of audio Samples you can use in the Rhythm and Piano Roll editor to 64.
· record and play audio tracks with 24 bits per sample and 192 kHz samples per second, if your soundcard supports it.
· use soundcards with ASIO drivers.
· load third-party VST effects.

· Sequencing as MIDI Master or Slave
· Unlimited number of MIDI Tracks.
· When moving the mouse over notes on the staff, the equivalent keys on the piano keyboard are highlighted.
· Record notes from an external MIDI keyboard.
· Enter notes from Computer keyboard while real-time recording or manually composing.
· Select, Copy, Edit, Paste notes.
Right-mouse popup menu control of individual note properties including:
· pitch, duration, volume, stem direction, staccato, tie-to-next-note, and delete note.
· Button that lets you sing the note to be inserted on the staff.
· Staff style control to display 1 or 2 treble or bass clefs.
· Quantize.
· Transpose diatonic or chromatic.
· Auto-harmonize.
· Triplets.
· Automatic layout of bars and staves.
· MIDI Master and Slave Synchronization modes for synchronizing with MIDI drum machines and sequencers.
· Perform page lets you wire together on-screen modules for real-time manipulation of MIDI sounds.
· Repair Song menu fixes problems in badly-formatted MIDI files.
· Option to echo to SoundCard while recording MIDI, even when recording from external keyboard.



Editor reviews:

New features:

2011.12.05 Version

· Better Direct X support.
· Improved metronome. Now you can specify Audio clicks or a VST-Instrument to play the metronome clicks. The metronome uses Latency settings to keep in sync with notes being played/recorded.
· Improved File / Print.

2011.12.06 Version

· Added staff note right-click popup menu item Move this and all higher notes to new track.
· The menu Edit / Move selection to another track and right-click staff note popup menu Move selection to another track, allow you to move the selection to a new or existing track and allow you to move a subset of the notes based on note pitch.
Problems fixed in this version:
· Versions without Pro-Mix sometimes had problems when View / Synthesizers switched between external MIDI synth and Microsoft GS Wavetable synth.
· Pressing Play sometimes erased notes in a loop.
· Handles [un]plugging USB MIDI devices more gracefully.
· It would get out of sync when playback was started part way into a song, where a Tempo change event occurred immediately before the 1st note to be played.
· Records Sustain events from external MIDI keyboards more reliably.

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